SOS back fit, 70 Min

SOS back fit, 70 Min

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Back pain, tension, blockages?
We offer you the complete package - for relief and self-healing!

Through the combination of movement and massage, our "SOS-Backfit" package helps you quickly and sustainably regain control of your discomfort.

To start, enjoy an energy massage according to Dorn-Breuss by our medically trained therapists. This gentle, efficient, and simple treatment for vertebrae and joints helps release physical and emotional tension and frees you from deep-seated, finer blockages. Afterwards, our therapists will work with you to develop exercises tailored to the specific needs of your back, provide recommendations for suitable types of movement, and accompany you as you learn the individual processes.

Included in the SOS-Backfit package:

Energy massage according to Dorn-Breuss (50 minutes)
Recommendation and development of individual back exercises (20 minutes)
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